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I think our sons, when they think back to their missionary days, will appreciate this little incident this past week.  I made a big dish of rice pudding and decided to share it with the sister missionaries.  So, I texted them to tell them I was bringing something down to them.  I realized, however, that I hadn’t texted the sisters.  I had texted the Elders in Manga!  Elder Biddulph texted back quickly, “Sounds great!  When and where?”  Manga is 720 miles north (comparative to Provo to Los Angeles), along the coast, from Maputo. I had to write back and say “Sorry elders.  I meant to send this to the sisters.  I, of course, would bring you a treat if I were closer!  :)  They understood, but if and when I am closer to these elders, I’ll have to make them a treat for sure!

We had one repeat appearance at our family history class on Wednesday and 4 new people!  We reviewed Family Group Sheets and then taught about Pedigree Charts.  Here is a picture of our class (left to right): Benjamin Esterão Gabriel, Daniel Fernando Nunes, Elder Tidwell, Armando Pedro Chicuele, Brother Eduardo Ernesto Machoie, Adelina Mendes Safrão Mutampua, Sister Tidwell.

Armando joined the Church in 2002 and is an English teacher.  He gave a beautiful prayer to begin our class.  He feels that his mission in life is to teach English and introduce people to the Church.  Daniel & Benjamin are his students.  Elder Tidwell helped Armando fill out his Family Group Sheet and Pedigree Chart, as Armando’s eye sight is failing and his right hand was hurt in an accident and he can’t write in such small spaces.  My talk in Maputo 1 branch has been postponed until October 27.

Frangipani Tree & blossoms:

Another beautiful sunset:

Thursday while we were at the office, Naldo, the housekeeper, told us that there was a turtle at the kitchen door! Sure enough there he was. Here is a picture of him. A short time later I looked out the door and he was nowhere to be seen. He had slowly, but surely, crawled away.

The other morning during our morning walk on the roof of our building, we saw a ship slowly making its way to the open water. It was not moving very fast, but in a few minutes the ship was almost out of the bay and another ship was coming in.

This week we have continued to work on projects for the mission.  Just as the turtle and the ships, when we slowly but surely move toward our goals we accomplish them:  “…by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” (Alma  37:6)

These tile pictures span almost the entire length of the road by the shore of Maputo Bay.

These are the wall hangings we purchased from a street vendor.

On Saturday we enjoyed the many exhibits at the Natural History Museum.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of it’s dedication.

We saw this museum’s unique collection of the complete gestation of an elephant – all 20 months of it! 

Here is what the little guy looks like at the 6 month point.

The museum has a huge group of animals in the middle of the main floor. 

The Common Eland is the second largest antelope in the world.

Today, Oct 13, at Church was the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation on “I am a Child of God.”    Here are pictures of the two groups, one has more than 40 children and the other one has half that many. 

The children love to sing and their words and enthusiasm brought the spirit.  I noticed a set of twins in the Maputo 1 branch and got to get their picture.  Their names are Jejun and Marisa.

Also, today, there were 5 confirmations, 3 in one branch and 2 in another, the couple we talked to a couple of weeks ago, Laura and Gimo Mabaea.

Laura & Gimo and children Angelina and Antonia (asleep).  How exciting for them to begin this new adventure as members of the Church.

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  1. I bet those missionaries were so excited when they got your first message and a little bit disappointed when they got your second text! I bet they appreciated the thought though!