Saturday, January 18, 2014

6 - 12 Jan 2014 NoWater,Audit,Stairs,ZimbabweVisitor

This week we developed an even greater appreciation for running water, as we have been without water in our apartment for most of the week.  There were some days that there was water in the middle of the day for a few hours, but seeing as though we leave in the morning and don’t return sometimes until 7 o’clock at night, we went without!  So, we heated water for bucket baths and for washing dishes, and, when the water happened to be on for a little while, we’d hop in the shower to freshen up, fill our water bottles, and I even did a load of laundry one day before it went off again!  You don’t realize how many times during the day you need water to wash your hands, cook, and clean.

I never realized the many events which occur in a mission environment.  Before we finish one thing, we are planning two or three other events.  The goings and comings of the Elders and President and Sister Kretly in this huge country form an interesting tapestry of travel.  

This week I have been helping the Elders organize budget files in preparation for an audit. I am thankful to be able to put my organization skills to use.  Our office now has more furniture – file cabinets for the budget files.

Since the Elders’ office is downstairs and our office is upstairs we go up and down these stairs multiple times every day to coordinate our work and to pick up print jobs.  On one such time going down, I was surprised by this tiny little lizard on the stairs! 

Have you begun to read the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church:  Joseph Fielding Smith for Priesthood and Relief Society?  I listened to “The Life and Ministry of Joseph Fielding Smith” while I was working at the computer at the Mission Office this week, and I hope you have the wonderful experience, as I did, learning about his upbringing and the many experiences which prepared him to be an Apostle and then President of the Church.

We honed our listening skills on Friday.  President Kretly asked us to take notes on the Zone Leadership Training Friday morning.  We are understanding the spoken language more every week; Elder Tidwell took pages of notes and was able to put together a wonderful account of the meeting for the President who was out of town with family.

On Saturday we began training a couple from Matola 2 Branch to teach Family History.  They are new members of the Church and accepting this assignment is a great act of faith, as they are just learning the concepts for the very first time!

This week we have had some very hot humid days; the week has also been peppered with torrential rain storms!
In between the meetings of the two branches on Sunday, a young man stopped us on the stairs, greeting us in English!  Brother Bright Jasi is here in Maputo visiting family; he is from Zimbabwe.  It was so refreshing for me to engage in regular English conversation!!

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