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5 - 11 May 2014 TransferBoard,AnselmosMarried,HotWater,MayFair

This week’s Staff Meeting spiritual thought was about choosing the “best” things to be engaged in every day.  Elder Poyfair began with Alma 32 and related how Alma began teaching one group of people and then another group asked him a question.  That question conveyed to him that this second group was more prepared for his message, so he turned his attention to them.  (Alma 32:7)  Because of him being so in tune with the Spirit, Alma gave this humble (and us) the important message about planting and nourishing the word of God.  Elder Poyfair also quoted Elder Oaks’ talk about “good, better and best.”  We can fill our time with many “good” things, but it is our challenge to prioritize and spend our valuable time doing the “best” things – things of lasting worth.

This week we continued to develop the training for the new missionary application process.  Also, we updated the portion of the transfer board that displays Mozambicans who have been called to serve missions.  There are currently 40 who are serving or have received calls to serve.

We had a very successful Family History class on Wednesday evening – we finally had Internet access!!!  I showed how photos and documents can be added to FamilySearch. 

The other day on the way to the office, we saw a man carrying a tall stack of hats he was selling.  It reminded me of the children’s book Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.  Sorry, couldn't get the camera out quick enough!

When I see the people carrying their coolers, boxes, and other supplies to their corner selling areas, my mind goes back in time and I remember Zoe and Joseph when they would take their things to sell at Wymont Terrace.  The “chova” are metal carts which look much like pioneer handcarts.  You see them being pulled and pushed – they hold lots more than our traditional American wheelbarrow!

African Seasons:  We are now in Autumn – not distinguished by changing colored and falling leaves, however, but by the milder climate.  If you are interested, here is a look at African seasons:

1 Dec  - 28 Feb
January = Mid summer
1 March – 31 May
1 June – 31 Aug
July = Mid winter
1 Sep – 30 Nov

[I just looked (27 August 2014) at a different website and it noted the seasons as:
Summer - mid Oct to mid Feb
Fall - mid Feb through April 
Winter - May through July
Spring - August to mid Oct]

With Mother’s Day coming up, I knew that if I was home I would be busy baking treats to have for the grandkids when they came to visit.  Since there were missionaries coming on Sunday to telephone and/or Skype with their families for Mother’s Day, I decided to keep my tradition alive and make treats!  So, on Thursday evening I made the dough for Kookie Brittle and Peanut Butter Bars.  I baked the treats on Friday in the mission office kitchen oven.  I also made cinnamon rolls on Saturday night.

Next week Elder and Sister Dille are coming from Beira to be given training in Family History.  I have planned the two-day schedule and hope it goes well.  I’ve never trained a consultant is such a short period of time.

On Saturday morning, we attended a planning meeting for an Open House to be held in Matola next Thursday, Friday, and Satrurday.  Elder Tidwell and I will prepare a room about Family History and Temples.  That’s the same weekend we’re doing family history training for the Dille’s, so we’ll have another very full week ahead.
We attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday afternoon.  This couple, Justino and Cacilde Anselmo, have been coming to Church and been faithful investigators for a year!  It has been a major challenge for them to get their marriage process approved.   The bride is a seamstress and made her and her daughters’ dresses.  The chapel was beautifully decorated.  There was an archway and a red carpet strewn with red and white rose petals which led the bride and groom to their places.  A special group of singers prepared songs complete with chants and dance steps which were sung while they entered the chapel, while they signed the documents, and when they left the chapel.  Following the wedding, the wedding party traveled to Matola for their celebration party.

We discovered our water heater was leaking on Saturday.  We caught it before we had a major flood, but because it happened on the weekend, it could not be reported until Monday. Notice it hangs from the ceiling.

Saturday late afternoon the Smith’s picked us up and took us with them to the May Fair 2014, which was like a carnival, at the American school.  There were craft booths of all kinds with things for sale, a stage where they were reading off winning numbers for a raffle, other entertainment, including face painting,  and lot of food and beverages for sale.  The playground was full of kids of all ages.   As we walked to the car we noticed the big moon.

Sunday was a busy Mother' Day.  Before we left for Church we took this picture of a collage of pictures of my Mom and my grandmothers and great grandmothers with the violet I had purchased in memory of my Mom. 

We attended a baptism, before Church, for the bride and groom who were married on Saturday.  Two children were also baptized and another single young man.  President Kretly performed the baptism for the groom. 

Following those services, Elder Tidwell and I went with President and Sister Kretly to the T-3 branch where President Kretly was to do Minha Familia training.  It is always a pleasure to accompany them; and it is a privilege to witness another masterful training on Minha Familia.  The 100 booklets were brought were all distributed and more are needed!  Good thing we received a large shipment of them so we can get more booklets to them very soon.  We remained for their Sacrament meeting before returning home to have dinner.

In the afternoon we attended another baptism of a family from the Maputo 1 branch.  Guess who was asked, out of the blue, to give the opening prayer?!   It was a pretty anxious time for me, but I did it! During the meeting, their youngest daughter sang a solo of both verses of “Families Can Be Together Forever.”  It was precious!

In the evening, some of the sister missionaries came to our apartment to call and Skype with their families for Mother’s Day. Of the treats (cinnamon rolls and peanut butter bars) I made, they liked the peanut butter bars the best, but Richard liked the cinnamon rolls!  

It wasn’t until after 10:15 p.m. that we were free to receive calls from our family!  Maybe we didn’t have “quantity” time with family, but it was “quality” time.  We were able to connect with everyone [Lyn had called a couple of days earlier] and we so much enjoyed the Mother’s Day wishes, special songs from the grandkids, and special remembrances.  Thank you everyone, so much for calling and Skyping.  It was so great to hear and talk to everyone and to get caught-up on all the wonderful things you are doing with your families.  We feel so blessed to have each one of you!  Earlier we had watched a beautiful Mother’s Day sunset!

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