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21 - 27 Jul 2014 Indexing,Budget,DistMissionMtg,1stAnniv,Snelsons

If you are a FamilySearch volunteer indexer or arbitrator, I hope you were part of the record-breaking event 20-21 July 2014 when FamilySearch set an international record for the greatest number of indexing participants in a single day!”  Although some people experienced difficultly in logging into the indexing system, we both  participated from here and didn’t have any problems. The event began here at 2 a.m. Monday morning, so as soon as I could I got on the computer and started in.  We fit in grocery shopping (we walked to Premier and met Hobsons who had picked up Snelsons from the airport and got them on their way to Nelspruit for their holiday) and I did some baking for Yara. I tried to do as many batches as I could. 

Here is part of the report “FamilySearch Volunteers Set Historic Record”:

We hoped to have an unprecedented 50,000 contributors in a 24 hour period. FamilySearch volunteers excelled, surpassing that goal by 16,511! That’s right—66,511 participants in one day! Incredible! We are grateful for the patience and persistence of many volunteers who faced technical difficulties due to an overwhelming response.

These generous indexers and arbitrators made a true difference. Each record and each name indexed and arbitrated matters. It only takes one to open the door to linking generations of families together. Without question, thousands of lives will be changed as a result of this day’s effort. 

While the focus for this challenge was on the total number of participants, a tremendous amount of indexing and arbitration work was accomplished as well. Here are the results for the number of records indexed and arbitrated. 

Indexed: 4,682,746
Arbitrated: 941,932
Total Records Processed: 5.7 million

If you haven’t checked out FamilySearch volunteer indexing yet, it is a great way to be involved in family history. “One volunteer, one document, one name can make all the difference to someone looking for his or her family.”

After April Conference, the mission receives DVD's of all of the sessions so they can be shown in the branches.  The mission staff noticed a decrease in attendance for those Sundays when conference was shown. It was thought that when the members realized the importance of the bi-annual General Conference they would attend.  President Kretly asked me to put together an outline explaining the importance of General Conference.  I was to include thoughts and scriptures.  This week I finished the outline and the accompanying materials.  It is now in the hands of the District Presidencies for distribution to the Branch Presidencies and is to be presented about a month before October conference.

Helped Elder Douglas organize some mission receipts.  Richard commented that it looked like I was “trimming the budget.”

In Utah Thursday July 24 (Pioneer Day) was celebrated with parades and picnics.  Here in Mozambique, it was just another day. We took some time to sing “Faith in Every Footstep” in honor of the day.  On Friday morning we watched the rebroadcast of the Pioneer Day special from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.  Lots of great music and singing!

Friday we participated in a District Training meeting at the chapel with Elders Douglas, Lourenço, and Poyfair and sisters Naehu and Gimo, along with two members, David Jambane and Rocque, from the branch.  We were all taught teaching techniques:  using the scriptures, using good questions, and listening. Then the missionaries practiced teaching a gospel principle using one of the teaching techniques.  We were to pretend to be investigators and then we were to critique the missionaries.  It was way fun.  The sister missionaries taught us about tithing and they did super well!  

At the office Friday afternoon, I helped Tualufo organize his desk and files.  I was glad we finally had a time that was good for both of us to work on and complete this huge project.

Since July 27 was going to be our one-year anniversary of our arriving here in Maputo, we decided about a month ago that we would put together a movie using some of the videos we’ve made during the year. In the process we both learned how to use MovieMaker.  We worked on it a couple of evenings this week and last week and on Saturday we ended up working on it all morning!  Right when we thought we had it all together the way we wanted it, we noticed some error messages coming up!  It looked like we’d have to start from scratch and we were very discouraged.  Then it was time to go on our outing with the Hobsons to see Elder and Sister Snelson.  So, we decided to close everything and work on it later on.

We met Snelsons at Café Sol for lunch.  There were art booths set up at Café Sol, since it was Saturday.  So, Kim and Ann and I looked at the things which were for sale.  Kim and Ann purchased a few things.  It was super fun to talk and laugh together with the Hobsons and the Snelsons! And we received cake doughnuts with icing compliments of the manager!

Next, we  went to the Central Market.  Kim wanted to see the craft booths at the back of the building.  Since it was later in the day, some of the booths were closed, but it was interesting to look with Kim and Ann. Ann paused to play a game of checkers, Mozambique style, with an older gentleman.

I purchased a colorful bracelet.  Many vendors wanted us to buy their wares. We met Nancy, a member of the Church who had been baptized in Johannesburg. When she asked where the Church was located here in Maputo, Elder Tidwell gave her one of our pass-along cards we'd made.

We liked looking at the variety of fruits and vegetables, plants and spices for sale as well.

Then we headed back to the Hobson’s apartment until it was time for Kim and Brian to leave to meet the elders for their ride to the airport.  Elder Snelson, in connecting with the elders for their ride to the airport, met Elder Douglas for the first time!  We all look forward to seeing each other again for the October Couple’s Conference in Swaziland!  

Upon returning home to our apartment, we returned to our movie project.  We expected to find the same error messages and have to begin making a list of the movies that we needed to reload and determine their start and stop points.  To our great surprise, everything came up and there were no error messages!!!  We felt particularly blessed!  Instead of remaking what we had already done, we were able to add a video clip, alter a few captions and complete the “Make Movie” step, which takes a while.  Then, Elder Tidwell posted it on DropBox so he could send it out on Sunday.

Sunday was also the one-year anniversary of Yara and Lumiana’s baptism! 

Well, family, we are anxious for you to download our movie from Dropbox, and then pick a time to gather your family and watch our “One Year Celebration” Movie!  We hope you enjoy it and understand a little more about Maputo, Mozambique and Maputo Mozambique Mission!  We love you!

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