Thursday, December 18, 2014

8 - 14 Dec 2014 BrActivity,DistCtr,Letia,NewBranches,Laura&Gimo

On Monday I had a little time to begin sewing the 3-tiered skits for the granddaughters.  During the week I took a few minutes here and there to continue the project. 

We continue to be amazed at the responses we receive from our oldest grandchildren in response to the emails we send to them.  We are so blessed to know that our sons and daughters and their families are living the gospel and teaching the gospel to their children.

For FHE Monday, Elder Tidwell shared an article he found on by clicking on the Africa continent at the bottom of the page and then selecting Africa Southeast Area.  The article, “Changing the World One Person at a Time”, was about two of our sister missionaries, Sister Bernardo and Sister Gomes.  Check it out!

Snelsons left this week.  They will be traveling with family in Africa, and then returning to the USA after Christmas.  We’ll be following them in about a month – hard to believe our mission is coming to an end!

On Wednesday evening, we attended a branch activity with the missionaries.  We played the games “Fruit Basket”  “Gato e Rato” (Cat & Mouse), and some balloon games. 

About 40 people came and it was a fun time to laugh and be together.  At the end of the activity, the Elders showed the video “Joy to the World.”

Mangos hang from the branches just like Christmas ornaments!

Petals from the Bauhinia trees decorate the rocks around the stepping stones at the Mission Office and on the sidewalks.

We had a huge rain storm Wednesday evening and most of Thursday.  Early Thursday morning I made cookie dough so I could bake Christmas cookies using the Mission Office oven.  I made Molasses Krinkles and Peanut Butter Bars.  I will bake the Cornstarch Butter Cookies at our apartment, since I needed flour to roll them out and they didn’t have any in the Mission Office kitchen.  I will probably make more cookies at home, because dividing what I made by 64 (the number who will gather for dinner on December 16) doesn’t come out to be very much!  On Thursday afternoon we purchased the sodas for Zone Conference.  We’ll be having 82 for lunch that day and we’re ordering out for Mimmo’s Pizza!

Friday morning I went early to the chapel to help Maria in the Distribution Center.  However, she was delayed in coming, so since Letía, the young lady who helps her with her children, was waiting for her, too, I asked if she wanted to learn more crocheting.  Yes!  Maria had taught her some things already.  Letía chose to learn how to make a 6-petaled flower.  She caught on very quickly! On Saturday she was very anxious to show me the white headband she had completed and decorated with the flower she had made on Friday.

During Friday’s District Meeting, we planned the skit we’ll be doing for the Christmas December 16 evening get-together at the Mission Office.  Should be interesting!  Friday afternoon and Saturday we “manned” the Family History Center room at the Maputo 2 chapel for the Open House.   Since there was very poor attendance, we used this “extra” time to update our family blog and Elder Tidwell worked on his MLS training.  

Sunday was an eventful day.  It began with our regular Church meetings are 9 a.m., but at 10:30 the Maputo 1 branch members joined us and a total of 283 people were there for Sacrament Meeting. Three branches were formed from these two branches.  President Kretly and President Castanheira explained that the plans for the division had been worked on for about six months.  The boundaries of the new branches (Polana, Chamanculo, and Sommerschield) were shown on the big screen and after each was explained, the members in that branch were asked to stand up.  Then the new branch presidency of the Polana Branch were sustained.  Chamanculo and Sommerschield Branches have the same Branch Presidents as the Maputo 2 and Maputo 1 Branches respectively.

After Sacrament Meeting we walked home with the Mabaea Family and had dinner and a Family Home Evening activity together.

That afternoon we went to Matola to watch the rebroadcast of the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  Following it, we joined the missionaries in presenting a Christmas presentation for the members.  Elder Silva and Elder Armindo were the narrators, Sister Olander was the Pianist, and Sister Fatima Lopes was our Choir Director. President Kretly said we sounded like angels!  I really love singing the Christmas songs in Portuguese!!

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