Friday, June 12, 2015

Feb 2015 - Preparing for the Family Get-Together

Adjusting to being home has been easy, but we miss our association with the wonderful people we came to know and love in Mozambique and Swaziland.  The kids had the house ready for us.  They'd preparing a new Bulletin Board showing all the grandkids' school grades for 2015 and stocked the refrigerator and cupboards with basics so we didn’t have to run to the store right away. Peter had us over for Sunday dinner and Tad and his family joined us.

3 February 2015 - Met with President Bunting at 7 p.m. and received our certificate from President Kretly.  We were released as full-time missionaries and asked to take off our name tags. :( We got to keep them though!!!! :)

Provo has experienced a very dry winter, so there was only snow on the mountains.  We had a few days of balmy 60s weather through the middle of the month, but, even with the cooler air, we are thankful for the sun streaming in our living room.  In addition to going to dentist and doctor visits, we unpacked our stored-away boxes and prepared for our Family Get-Togethers, February 14-15. Tuesday mornings became our time to go to the Temple.

We attended Grandparent Day at American Heritage School, on Friday, February 6.  We went to Kaedric’s 2nd grade, Miss Heaton, classroom first.  We did activity pages together and listened to the class sing songs from their recent Christmas program. 

Next, we went to Taebria’s Kindergarten Grandparent Day Celebration.  Taebria participated in the group songs and the recitation of Psalm 100 and the poem “Kind Deeds” by Isaac Watts.  Taebria showed us her binder of school papers, too.

Lastly, we went to the gym for “The Spirit of America Speaks” program where Klaesara, Kaedric, and Draeton were in the choirs.

That evening we went to the “We are the World:  No one is Alone” fund-raiser at Provo High School and enjoyed lots of entertainment.

Sunday afternoon, 8 February, we visited at Paul's, Emily's, and Tad's so the girls could try on their 3-tiered skirts so I could fit the waists and the length.  While at Paul's we gave Jordan his Baptism Pillowcase.  Jordan was baptized 30 November 2013, a few months after we left on our mission

At Tad's Ava enjoyed listening to Grandma and Grandpa read her stories.

We received news that the first stake was formed in Maputo, Mozambique, on Sunday, February 15, 2015.  Part of each of our hearts is in Mozambique.  We continue to send and receive email from the wonderful Mozambican Saints.  Regina Capece emailed us 8 February that she had received her mission call to the Massachusetts Boston Mission.

Preparing shells for the activity:

Lyn and her family arrived from Duvall, Washington, Tuesday evening, February 10 - the first of the out-of-towners.

Lyn, Henry, and Fern were very helpful in making preparations for Saturday.  Fern received her Baptism Pillowcase and had fun counting the 16 cats (8 on each side) which were embroidered among the letters of her name and the date of her baptism,

On Friday, Richard got the 15-passenger van which would allow us to transport all of the families to and from the airport.

One of the main things Lyn did was solve Richard’s suit problem.  Since Richard lost 30 pounds during the first 3 months of our mission, his suit coat just hung on him and it didn’t look attractive at all.  We looked to see if JCPenneys still carried a washable suit and then Richard checked Mr Mac's, but the salesmen looked at him like he was from another planet!  We had purchased Richard’s suit at JCPenneys before we left and the suit was made in Jordan.  We asked Lyn if she could try to alter his suit so it would fit him.  She said that was one of the main things she learned to do in college and while employed at Finish Tailor, and agreed to do itl  The finished product was such an improvement!

Fern and Henry helped prepare the animals for the beanbag toss and the things to carry for the basket-on-the-head relay.

I attended Klaesara’s 11th grade “A Legacy of Liberty” program on Thursday morning, February 12.  She participated in the group songs and did the narration for President John Adams and his wife Abigail in the “Liberty and the Revolutionary War” vignette. Then, she was one of 8 who were in the “Civil War” dance number.  Josh Crockett, dressed as Abraham Lincoln, recited the entire Gettysburg Address with great feeling! Klaesara had her hair done up so cute!

Thursday afternoon we took Fern and Henry to the remodeled Monte L. Bean Life Sciences Museum. They really enjoyed the Boyd K. Packer Room and were amazed at the drawings and models he made when he was a child their ages!

And then there was the scarey bear in the cave!

Lyn and the kids went to Peter's after dinner while we went to the BYU Basketball game.  It was hard to pull them away to go home to sleep.

Friday evening Zoe and her family arrived from Mesa, Arizona!  What a fun exciting time as the little ones ran toward us pulling their little carry-ons!

They quickly got settled in their beds without waking their sleeping cousins, Henry and Fern.

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